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A Critical Mass of a Critical Mass

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The Occupy DC group has not seemed to be gaining that much traction–dispersed into 2 groups, with the October 6 group being more active (protesting banks and congressional offices), but still small.   Yet it is fascinating that it is so much smaller than other groups around the country, possibly because it has  virtually no (uniformed) police presence?

Re: Officers Jeer as 16 colleagues Are Arraigned in Ticket-Fixing Investigation

I guess if you feel you have a fraternal police \”family\” to protect you, you aren’t necessarily going to feel all warm and fuzzy about The 99%. Feeling that you are a part of The 99% would entail feeling vulnerable about losing a job, a career, a profession, and maybe having nowhere to turn, as manufacturing has mostly been shipped to China, and going back to school entails signing up for indentured servitude of debt. (Yes, even for community college!)

But activism is too little too late, and cannot revive a civilization that relies on thuggary, and rewards dishonesty in all echelons of society.

The hostility of the police towards the OWS protesters makes so much more sense now. The police are, really, part of The 99%, but it’s doubtful they would \”get it,\” even if they lost their jobs.

Evidence of the malfeasance of the financial sector is piled high daily in the pages of The New York Times. But I wonder how many people in society are \”Just Following Orders,\” and so never develop their righteous rage at the injustice.  Instead, they ignorantly call the protesters \”entitled,\” unable to fathom the irony it is the 1% who literally control enough wealth to move continents and planets–those are the truly entitled the police and everyone should be joining the protesters against!

Isn’t this the same type of degenerate cronyism that conservatives cried about in their anti-Communism hysteria?

Re:  Fire Inspectors Remove Generators and Gasoline at Zucotti Park

The LiveStream this morning (around 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) (http://www.occupystream.com/) showed Lorenzo giving a tour of the park, with signs left over in the generator area indicating that the fuel was biodiesel, not gasoline.

He also showed us a bicycle powered battery fuel generator, with a gentleman who said they had anticipated having the biofuel confiscated. They are trying to move to bike-powered and solar-powered options, because they don’t want to have to use diesel, biodiesel, or gasoline.

The determination and unwillingness to give way to fear or annoyance under adversity, both from Lorenzo, and the people he interviewed in the park, was admirable.

We need a Pecora commission and an FDR to re-establish fairness in a financial market system that is so un-regulated, it creates Madoffs of varying degrees. But given that the international robber barons of finance seem determined to make that an impossibility the world over, these Occupy movements are at least a horizontal respite from the hard rain of vertical financial crises the oligarchs keep imposing. They are spiritual prosperity as a rebuttal to fiscal austerity.

re: Ruth Madoff Says Couple Tried Suicide in 2008

Now I get why Occupy Wall St. is derided, rather than massively embraced by hundreds of millions of Americans who were _systemically_ defrauded under a legalized system of greed in the 2008 financial crash–the comments here show people would rather whine and complain, rather than connect their personal suffering to a larger political, social, and historical context.

Lambasting Mrs. Madoff for her complicity and insensitivity does, indeed, place the commentators into a similarly vapid category, as Jim of PA (#63) notes.

How about connecting the fact that Mr. Madoff’s particularly egregious robbery of billions of dollars was made possible by a theoretically capitalistic system (which it is not really, when it uses a system of socialism for bailouts to the bankers) that prides itself on being “de-regulated”?

A system of finance that PRIDES itself on not being beholden to pesky little rules that would hold back the titans of finance, the “job-creators,” of necessity, creates opportunists like Mr. Madoff. Indeed, such opportunists create handsome little jobs for themselves, collecting and spending gullible investor’s money!

Yet even with the blindingly obvious thrown in their faces, people would rather carp and peck at a few individuals–knowing full well it will do no good–and would throw similar venom towards Wall Street protesters–calling them, “whiny, petulant, entitled,” and worse.

A system that allows wealth to snowball to such seismic inequalities as we see today inevitably causes even the 1% rich to start eating each other, as in the case of the Madoffs. The call for integrity, for regulation, and for reigning in unmitigated greed peddled through dubious, if not outright fraudulent, “investment vehicles” is a call to end ALL of the misery you see in every direction of this story.

If only the people complaining here would get out on the streets and join the Wall St. occupiers, there would be no more Mrs. Madoffs to complain about!


The NYTimes Refuses to Understand These Times

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Re: Times City Blog,  Occupy Wall St, The Documentary

Don’t you suppose there were SOME American colonists who didn’t mind paying taxes to Great Britain–some who thought they _should_ obey the Stamp Act of 1765–and who could not understand what their fellow colonists’ beef was about \”taxation without representation\”? If film had been around at the time, I am sure you could have captured debates just like we witness in the video above.  (Top of Times blog where a guy in film claims to be uncomprehending).
While I think this documentary is a good idea, I hope it will not commodify a needed revolutionary spirit that is sweeping the globe—by placing it on film, it has the danger of becoming just another event to which an audience passively reacts, as if watching a sports event.
The reason this is now a global movement is that people realize that the concept of Democracy—the inherent equality of opportunity, unhampered by birth, of all people–is hijacked by predatory capitalism–a system of commerce that allows greed to run unbridled, and that is not checked by any form of government or laws. When the laws are written to favor a greed so unchecked as to allow a few to own as much wealth as 150 million people combined, while doing nothing to address the plight of famine, unemployment, or to redress inequality—then you do not have a Democracy, but have returned to a system of Kings and serfs–Oligarchy.
The laws have to be rebalanced in favor of the majority, not an over-privileged minority. But in every revolution in history, there have been those who feign, or refuse, to \”get it.\”


And I highly recommend the YouTube Channel channel mentioned in the article, with speakers who articulate the problems exquisitely.