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Salt Breeze

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It is the innocence of the wind

that I cannot reconcile with your indifference

to the news and history

and blues of language…

For we are  tribally wandering

where slaves and settlers and natives

each worried

and speculated

and dreamed…

Some tried to get along

like you and me,

united by the wind

while others were untied

by land

both inside

and outside their minds.

I return to language

for the compass of its beauty


some tiny slits of what occurred between people

in history

and today over our succulent

lunch of salami

sliced as thin as a Brooklyn deli squeezed

amid skyscrapers in mid-town Manhattan.

Comments sometimes

glue me back together

so that I let  the breeze slap

my  cheek in peace

even though other times

late at night I return to wondering

why or how you can just immerse yourself in the game

at the expense of language  that would broaden the scope

beyond your obvious…

but it is both the unconscious and skin

that unites and propels

my willlingness to be patient

hardly knowing if the you

to whom I speak is internal or external.

For we can only write or speak a speck of what

ever flowed in history

or even of what flows below us in a single day

And the sand and water compete

to see who loves salt more…

A competitition indifferent to us,

but which will far outlast

even, possibly, the last gasp of plankton.

I love sitting there

having identity subsumed

by salt, sea, sand,  sun

and the images and possibilities

I see in you…

ever experimenting to discover

which are nestled in fervor

that returns

and which need discarding or refining…

If we can shift from so close to so far

to back again

in a single day,

week, or minute,

oughtn’t  that make relations in history equally as suspect?

Identities of oppressors and oppressed

ever shape- shifting

and the illusion of identity

held captive by the false bondage of language?

To cling to the wind should suffice

but it doesn’t

because I want you to be all

sorts of things that I think I want to see

missing all that I could see if I were not

distracted by hopes dreams promises

lies and truths

just like our predecessors

salt breeze sings

winds wind my skin

hungry,  taut

sought by salt

Words Are a Clasp

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Words are a clasp
to hold down a spasm
whose splintering dimensions
lightly seam
a line from your lips
beyond the frowning knowns
to the impermissible

Words are not ours
borrowed tools to steal the hours
clipping the seen out of our way
so the words we know how to say
do not choke us

We live where no one can see,
angling language
to escape the contradiction of
being seen

The unseen wriggles in silence
while words rivet the adjustable perimeters
back into their proper passages


Come Back When You Are Happy

my eyes won’t close
they’re torn inside out
ripped from a page of your sheets
strewn in a bed of free verse

that calendar
was a desert
blighted by cars
wandering margins
needing nomads to fill them
evacuating anger

come back when you are happy

vacantly swerving between abundance
and spite
a dress moves on and off
on and off
day after day
but the body is never seen
yet it felt known
briefly careening
below time
between your hands and eyes

we won’t come back till we are happy


Sopa Strike: Not Following the Paid PIPA

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Don’t follow the paid PIPA

“Death by Inches” Superb Rant on Payroll Holiday Tax Extension

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(Liberty Park (formerly Zucotti Park), New York, October 5, 2011)

I am not sure of the etiquette/plagiarism/libel whatever legal consequences of reprinting a most excellent New York Times reader comment as a quasi “guest post” of this blog, but surely creative commons will endorse me on this, as well as “Death by Inches” him or herself.

S/he is the most reader recommended, for a reason.  But due to it being a holiday and the crappy “new”-ish Times comment system, she won’t get all the readership s/he deserves.  So, in response to “Lessons Learned in Congress, or a Sign of Things to Come?” , a citizen named “Death by Inches,”  of Arkansas, birthplace of former president Clinton, wrote:

Well kiss my you know what! The Republicans CAN do something fast when enough Americans start calling them all the bad names they so richly deserve.

They want us to think this governing thing is like brain surgery….oh, takes a long long time, is very hard, us small persons just wouldn’t understand it. Uh huh! Now we see if enough people start throwing verbal rocks at their heads they’ll snap to in a hurry and do the job we pay them to do. Occupy, please take note!

These are very serious times. Last thing we need is a bunch of clowns attaching boat anchors to every piece of legislation just because they don’t like the black guy. Us Americans are barely smart enough to see through this ploy, but finally at long last we’re starting to and our yelps for help finally got through just in time for Christmas.

We’re tired of sneaky legislation. We’re tired of political stunts. We’re tired of theatrics. We’re tired of talentless little men & women better suited for Wal-Mart middle management using us as stakes in a bizarre poker game which has replaced good government.

Let Congress take this Christmas break to crawl back home and think about their sins. You’re so horrible, people all over the country are Occupying parks & streets to protest how you’ve ruined this country. Pay attention or prepare for the worst because it’s ever so easy to paint our Congress with the Mubarak-Gaddafi-Putin brush. Silly Wisconsin Governors should also make note. We Are Sick Of You!


Well-said.  I could wake up to that again in the morning!

Three more great notes to go out on: Why the Republican Crackup is Bad for America and a most illuminating example of why Wikipedia may add more to your comprehension than conventional encyclopedias of yore.  The discussion here of the Socialist Party of America shows the long-standing tension with third parties in the (still young) U.S. system of democracy—yet the reasons for the Socialist Party surge of the early 20th century remain the reasons many are looking for a third party today. From the article:

LaFollette declined to lead a third party, however, seeking to protect those progressives elected nominally as Republicans and Democrats. LaFollette declared that the primary issue of the 1924 campaign was the breaking of the “combined power of the private monopoly system over the political and economic life of the American people.”

Mmmmm…..how has that “private monopoly system” been doing in the last 90 years?

So, too, this article shows how many decades old is the confusion and mistaking of socialism for  fascism, in this case regarding The New Deal.  They are opposites, but members of each opposing camp accuse the other of being the polar opposite of who they are (see Krugman, re: Romney, “The Post-Truth Campaign”)–but somehow all those reversals just add to the confusion, rather than canceling each other out…

And, lastly, may I recommend reading Jack London’s dystopian novel, _The Iron Heel_, as apparently hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who overthrew Mubarak last year claim inspiration from.   It was never mentioned in my English class, where _Call of the Wild_ was obligatory reading.   But I find it to be the perfect complement to the movie, _Inside Job_.   Both pieces may make 2012 a “happy-ish” new year….may they fuel the growth of the Occupy Everywhere (against Oligarchy) movement!





“We’ll Occupy” Theme Song With “Love Boat” Reverberations

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I absolutely love how auto-suggest on YouTube simply will not, WILL NOT, auto-suggest “I’ll Occupy” when you start to type it into their white box.  They want to suggest I watch all sorts of other videos, “Because you watched: ‘I Will Survive'” —But since I watched  “I’ll Occupy” ,  YouTube does not suggest I watch any other related videos!  They shall not be indicted in court one day for having facilitated a world-wide peaceful internet revolution, no sirreee!

I found this video last night thanks to the Pottersville Blogging Against Fascism, and it is just so excellent, I want to feature it too.  Also to feature Jasiri X’s  “Occupy (We the 99)”– though I still think his “What if The Tea Party Was Black” and “Real Gangsta’s” remain hits of the century.  (Apparently I can’t link Jasiri X on this blog but you can type it into YouTube to watch it).

Gotta love “The Love Boat” reverberations in the background of  I’ll Occupy/I Will Survive—reminds me of being a kid, when watching t.v. was a once-a-week, whole family event, rather than an omnipresent wall in people’s homes.  I thought my parents were so hip to let me watch *MASH* and  “The Love Boat” with them!

A Critical Mass of a Critical Mass

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The Occupy DC group has not seemed to be gaining that much traction–dispersed into 2 groups, with the October 6 group being more active (protesting banks and congressional offices), but still small.   Yet it is fascinating that it is so much smaller than other groups around the country, possibly because it has  virtually no (uniformed) police presence?

Re: Officers Jeer as 16 colleagues Are Arraigned in Ticket-Fixing Investigation

I guess if you feel you have a fraternal police \”family\” to protect you, you aren’t necessarily going to feel all warm and fuzzy about The 99%. Feeling that you are a part of The 99% would entail feeling vulnerable about losing a job, a career, a profession, and maybe having nowhere to turn, as manufacturing has mostly been shipped to China, and going back to school entails signing up for indentured servitude of debt. (Yes, even for community college!)

But activism is too little too late, and cannot revive a civilization that relies on thuggary, and rewards dishonesty in all echelons of society.

The hostility of the police towards the OWS protesters makes so much more sense now. The police are, really, part of The 99%, but it’s doubtful they would \”get it,\” even if they lost their jobs.

Evidence of the malfeasance of the financial sector is piled high daily in the pages of The New York Times. But I wonder how many people in society are \”Just Following Orders,\” and so never develop their righteous rage at the injustice.  Instead, they ignorantly call the protesters \”entitled,\” unable to fathom the irony it is the 1% who literally control enough wealth to move continents and planets–those are the truly entitled the police and everyone should be joining the protesters against!

Isn’t this the same type of degenerate cronyism that conservatives cried about in their anti-Communism hysteria?

Re:  Fire Inspectors Remove Generators and Gasoline at Zucotti Park

The LiveStream this morning (around 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) (http://www.occupystream.com/) showed Lorenzo giving a tour of the park, with signs left over in the generator area indicating that the fuel was biodiesel, not gasoline.

He also showed us a bicycle powered battery fuel generator, with a gentleman who said they had anticipated having the biofuel confiscated. They are trying to move to bike-powered and solar-powered options, because they don’t want to have to use diesel, biodiesel, or gasoline.

The determination and unwillingness to give way to fear or annoyance under adversity, both from Lorenzo, and the people he interviewed in the park, was admirable.

We need a Pecora commission and an FDR to re-establish fairness in a financial market system that is so un-regulated, it creates Madoffs of varying degrees. But given that the international robber barons of finance seem determined to make that an impossibility the world over, these Occupy movements are at least a horizontal respite from the hard rain of vertical financial crises the oligarchs keep imposing. They are spiritual prosperity as a rebuttal to fiscal austerity.

re: Ruth Madoff Says Couple Tried Suicide in 2008

Now I get why Occupy Wall St. is derided, rather than massively embraced by hundreds of millions of Americans who were _systemically_ defrauded under a legalized system of greed in the 2008 financial crash–the comments here show people would rather whine and complain, rather than connect their personal suffering to a larger political, social, and historical context.

Lambasting Mrs. Madoff for her complicity and insensitivity does, indeed, place the commentators into a similarly vapid category, as Jim of PA (#63) notes.

How about connecting the fact that Mr. Madoff’s particularly egregious robbery of billions of dollars was made possible by a theoretically capitalistic system (which it is not really, when it uses a system of socialism for bailouts to the bankers) that prides itself on being “de-regulated”?

A system of finance that PRIDES itself on not being beholden to pesky little rules that would hold back the titans of finance, the “job-creators,” of necessity, creates opportunists like Mr. Madoff. Indeed, such opportunists create handsome little jobs for themselves, collecting and spending gullible investor’s money!

Yet even with the blindingly obvious thrown in their faces, people would rather carp and peck at a few individuals–knowing full well it will do no good–and would throw similar venom towards Wall Street protesters–calling them, “whiny, petulant, entitled,” and worse.

A system that allows wealth to snowball to such seismic inequalities as we see today inevitably causes even the 1% rich to start eating each other, as in the case of the Madoffs. The call for integrity, for regulation, and for reigning in unmitigated greed peddled through dubious, if not outright fraudulent, “investment vehicles” is a call to end ALL of the misery you see in every direction of this story.

If only the people complaining here would get out on the streets and join the Wall St. occupiers, there would be no more Mrs. Madoffs to complain about!

“I’m 87 and I’m MAD AS HELL”–OccupyWallSt Photo Essay

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O.K., apparently you cannot paste and cut photos directly into Word Press posts without using their upload function.  I spent all evening working on  a narrated photo essay only to discover this.  I see now this is why people use photo sharing websites instead.   Alas.  I will try to at least get the opening photo into this post!

The Poor Rich

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Takoma Pk., 4th of July celebration, [7/4/22]

Takoma Park, 4th of July Celebration , 1922


We are each born wild.  We each replicate the transition from sea to land in our birth…conceived as mermaids, but hatched as runners, dreamers, and sometime fliers.

Like geese, we seem to imprint on early acquaintances with people, ideas, customs, and traditions.    Out of all the possibilities, we are born to one spot where its people and traditions compel us with the fortitude of their longevity and earnestness.

The accidental nature of being born in one era or place as opposed to any other is the very underpinning of freedom: the fact that birth itself is a mere whim means that all people, innately, “have” freedom.   From there, the boundaries or boundlessness of nations and private enterprises are defined.

So, in my case, Democracy was an amorphous dream, vaguely percolating from the edge of a public school elementary desk.  These strange concepts of colonists, tyrants, tea-partiers, taxers, and  Stamp Acts, thrown in a stew with massacres of Indians (only occasionally Native Americans) (who were sometimes friends with Colonists), and a fledgling trans-continental trade where slaves were  de-humanized to match the commodification of cotton, tea, spice, sugarcane and molasses…did not come across to me as a clear-cut, resounding Democracy!

I sat at my desk, listened, and, inside, kept switching allegiances.   At any given moment,  I felt sympathy to each player,  but I had my favorites.   And it is easy to gin up outrage when you paint one group into a “side,” and imagine and project yourself going back in time to be a valiant fighter against the tyranny of the King Georges, slave traders, and Hitlers of the world….but really start dissecting events, such as the American Civil War, realizing all your relatives today had ties to both sides…and, life, history, and nation collapse into a heap of complexity, unsalvageable from ready-made heroes and villains.

Yet salvaging the concept of nation, and, in particular, Democracy, from its hypocrisies is what shapes it away from corruption and towards Enlightenment.  Our country is, indeed, a continual “work in progress,” as the  \”High Noon\”editorial of the Times opines.

Thus, nation is the last perimeter between the raw person, their family, their religion, education, beliefs, and the primordial, existential and unnameable.  All such concepts are arbitrary, thus all are fully malleable.   Think of this: if the world were controlled solely by quantum physicists,  they may not have divided time by the second, but by Plancks’ constant instead–a fracturing of time that represents uncertainty more than it purports to constrain certainty.

So I conclude that the rich of today’s world, who supersede all national boundaries as predatory capitalists, hatching schemes to ship jobs where all risk can be socialized and all profit can be hoarded,  are fundamentally poor in lacking a preference for nation or a conception of Democracy…a conception of the inherent equality of all people, and an inherent dignity, worth, and freedom that is unencumbered by tawdry dollars.  Without such conception, they are cast back into the tiny shadow of themselves, a miser counting gold, that no matter how high it piles, will not be enough, because they lack the imagination and spirit to see the soaring, transcendent freedom of Democracy of all people.  Instead, hoarding wealth for themselves, they simply inflate the prices of objects, oblivious to the effect such inflation has on the millions around them who are not only not misers and hoarders, but are actually Democratists.

The concept of Democracy is passed through the generations because the fundamental ache for this nobler, grander, spiritual ideal of inherent equality of all people, and fundamental freedom of the human spirit, is not limited to one time or place.  It keeps igniting in the hearts of  people, which leads them to sing out, to lead marches, to write in the newspapers, to run for elected office, to serve the public– all public equally, as a peer to all peers, in whatever capacity they choose.

Thus, the people who collect their corporate profits and fly in their jets with a house in each country in the world are deluding themselves into thinking they “own” the world, as equally as British colonists deluded themselves into believing this “new continent” was “theirs.”

It is no more theirs than it is ours.  It is everyone’s and no one’s only to the extent that we see freedom as a shared possibility for any and all whose dreams would dare to grasp so high.  Dependence on predation of people for profit is the rich man’s shackles…he can exploit the world over, and never find freedom, never declare Independence.   Independence comes from uniting for the common good, gladly paying our taxes to further society, and working to ensure the blessings of freedom can be felt by all.  Happy Fourth of July to everyone around the world who yearns for such freedom!


Takoma Pk., 4th of July celebration, 7/4/22


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11 months after the fateful rig explosion of April 20, 2010, the planet, once again, feels suffocatingly small and fragile.  Yet again, news seems limited, untrustworthy, as we let slip to the periphery of fear what no headline is saying.  The biggest lesson learned from the BP oil disaster, if we didn’t know it already, is that the scope of the disaster will leak out in inverse proportion to the magnitude of the problem, after the fact (as do wars, financial crises, covered up abuses of the church, ad nauseum).  The ones on the ground don’t need to be told, and those of us far away intuit horrors that puny words can’t mitigate.

As ever, much is encompassed in a sigh. Worry, thought and prayer radiate invisibly, much like radiation itself. Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Message to my friends in Japan” may be of comfort…

But, anything from compassion to biting sarcasm to resignation to perseverance seems to miss the mark. There is something so extremely intrinsic about existence that just can’t be captured by identity, politics, religion, language. It is this angst against which I ever railed, having to complete writing assignments for school. And still against such “freedom” that I now struggle to summon the appropriate response to events that stupefy, but affect every molecule on the planet, living or dead, inert or energized.

Some cherry blossoms and crocuses have made their first appearance on blocks here. Life very much goes on in our particular crevices of the world, and maybe the power of computers is misguided to magnify problems far beyond our control, but which certainly add to our worry.

Though I especially appreciate the new media like Twitter, which explode mythologies of Murdoch newscorp and other monopolies–if you only believed Murdoch’s empires, and had no other source, you’d never know that Yoko Ono has three times more followers than Glen Beck on Twitter. And, she reciprocates to virtually all of her followers, unlike so many seemingly egotistical “stars.” So many confirmations that hope and reciprocation trump blind egotism and bigotry can be made by asking your own questions and reading the tea leaves of new media….

… and is why I cherish my favorite bloggers, who manage to grasp a sphere of concern of appropriate proportion and treat it judiciously with probing examination, illuminating the way for us grateful ones…usually far more formidably than even the dear paid writers of “dinosaur” media I have long enjoyed…

Ending with an excerpt of Pete Seeger’s ever-timely song, “Talking Atom,” which is also worth listening to in full on YouTube…

You know life used to be such a simple joy
The cyclotron was a super toy
Folks got born, they’d work and marry
And atom was a word in the dictionary
Then it happened
These science guys from every clime
They all pitched in with overtime
Before you knew it
The job was done
They’d hitched up the power of the doggone sun
Put a harness on old Sol
Splitting atoms right and left
While the diplomats were splitting hairs
‘Course the cartel crowd up and put on a show
They’re gonna turn back the clock on the UNO
Grab a corner on atoms
And maybe extinguish
Every damn atom that can’t speak English
“Down with foreign-born atoms,
America for American atoms”
Step right up folks, let’s atomize world peace

Ahh, but the atom’s international,
In spite of hysteria,
Florida and Utah, also Siberia
The atom don’t care about politics
Or who got what into whichever fix
All he wants to do is sit around
and have his nucleus bombarded by neutrons

Yes it’s up to the people
‘Cuz the atom don’t care
You can’t fence him in,
He’s just like air
And whether you’re white, black, red or brown
The question is this, when you boil it down:
“To be or not to be,”
That IS the question

Yes, and the answer to it all
ain’t military datum
Like who gets their firstest for the mostest atoms
But the people of the world must decide their fate
We gotta stick together or disintegrate…
We hold these truths to be self-evident:
All men could be cremated equal.

Freedom of Sting

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After Shirley Sherrod and ACORN, yes, we can definitively answer, we (and especially The New York Times) have learned nothing.

Ummmm….update…not looking like the apologies for the apologies are coming anytime soon.  Looks like The Times has not looked at how extremely this tape was edited, nor have many readers.  Some readers brought up the excellent point that  Mr. Schiller’s opinions had nothing to do with NPR policy, and  Mr. Schiller even qualified all his remarks as being “without my NPR hat on”–ALL OF THEM.

James O’Keefe deserves some “muck-raking” (as his website claims to be) journalism turned on him.  Isn’t mis-representing who you are to an organization against some kind of law?  And stinging someone while lying about yourself…this is what we are teaching our kids to grow up to be?  Interesting that Mr. O’Keefe has once been arrested on felony charges for attempting to change the phone system in Sen Landrieu’s office…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_O%27Keefe

But distressing that the New York Times is apparently not vetting its sources, and relies on right-wing sources they hyperlink to, like blog “The Daily Caller,” and The Washington Examiner, both obviously highly tilted rightward, as the “primary” sources for the initial story.


Reader of  NYTimes Jonathan Cohen says it best:

Scarsdale, New York  March 8th, 2011   1:50 pm

A few questions:

Why is anything James O’Keefe made into a news story?

How come anything James O’Keefe releases is not held-up until full story and video’s come out?

How come James O’Keefe is not in jail or at the very least under investigation(s)?
And: How many other people, public and private, have said the very same thing about Tea Party? Why is it news?
Recommended by 169 Readers
If you watch the full 2-hour video (http://www.theprojectveritas.com/nprjudge), you see, once again, heavy and judicious (vicious) editing at work to make a man, Ronald Schiller, who, while busy lamenting the loss of the differentiation between fact and opinion in our society, is led into a trap of opinion and spin, which he tries to politely dodge, but inevitably gets pulled into.
The edited version makes implications that were not there–Mr. Schiller’s laughter did not indicate he had any clue that his interviewers’ website promoted a “return to Sharia law,”– among many.  It leaves out Mr. Schiller’s lengthy discourse on how he himself has been a lifelong, “proud” Republican, and how not just he, but other lifelong Republicans have ended up voting Democratic recently because the current Republican party is not the one he grew up with and recognizes–one that is for fiscal responsibility, and government staying out of people’s personal lives. (And indeed, just like with Clinton, in President Obama they have ended up with a a Republican president exceeding their wildest dreams).
The fake U.S. head of the Muslim Brotherhood then says on tape to Mr. Schiller, “See, as a black Muslim, I am truly and highly offended by the racism and the bigotry and the Islamaphobia that is coming out of the tea party, the teabaggers, whatever you call them. What is NPR doing, and what can we do to help to make sure this kind of situation can be curtailed and stopped?” Mr. Schiller had made NO remarks up until  that point about racism or the tea party.
Mr. Schiller immediately replies, “Well, I think NPR’s point of view, always, is to be an independent voice of reason and to report news, fairly, and so on..[then starts mentioning the Juan Williams scandal]…Our feeling is, that if a person expresses his or her opinion, which anyone is entitled to do in a free society, they are compromised as a journalist.  They can no longer fairly report.  And the question that we asked internally was, can Juan Williams, when he makes a statement like he made, can her report to the Muslim population, for example, and be believed? And the answer is, no, he lost all credibility, and that breaks your basic ethics as a journalist.  And, NPR is one of the few news organizations left that stands by that kind of code of ethics. And so much news…I sort of bristle at the idea that these other organizations call themselves news, because they really are opinion, and they don’t pretend to be other than that, except they call themselves news…NPR tries to avoid that at all costs…”
Indeed, they do.  But apparently it is simply not reasonable to have a society with even a tiny closet of reason, when we are only supposed to have 2 walk-in closets of “left” and “right”….we have to be sure to eliminate middle ground like public t.v.  and radio, under the guise of not supporting “leftist propaganda.”
Griot Walter Rhett helps transform the wound of daily politics with parables that transcend time and mortal flesh:
Just think, the man was cured and Jesus got into trouble for helping him out! What a God! People were mad at him for working a miracle, for using his supernatural skills. In restoring the man’s health with only a spoken word, he broke all kinds of religious laws and rites because his saving grace didn’t rest on the day proclaimed by religious authorities.

Such misguided condemnation by a mob towards Jesus’ healing is  what this feels like…Mr. Schiller was defending his commitment to truth and ethics, which ultimately lead to healing of broken spirits in our society, and his words were twisted out of his mouth to suppose he was spewing bigotry, racism, and disdain for “non-intellectuals.” A liberal arts college/education is not to be confused with being politically liberal, as some of the Republicans like to blur and intentionally confuse, was one of the points Mr. Schiller also implied.   He was wincing at the statements about Jewish people at the end, but he kept emphasizing NPR doesn’t take sides or express opinions.
Republicans are all around me, and many are my best friends, (especially because they don’t pontificate like Mr. Brooks!)….but, guess what?  They want clean air, clean water and hate traffic and wish there was an alternative. They are upset by the BP oil spill and sad dolphins are dying and are uncertain whether or not it is really safe to eat fish anymore, still…upset they might inadvertently start treating (or causing)  their cancer by drinking radioactive runoff water from hydro-fracking in the Pittsburgh, PA municipal water supply, while hoping it will be the right type of radiation for the chemoradiation they can’t afford…They are members of the National Guard and are the most warm-hearted, giving, chatty, friendly neighbors in the world.  They are heavily involved in animal rescue work, etc…. As Brook loves to say, not in so many words, people are complicated! (And, no matter how you vote, the corporations stay in power and get their way with us, and the environment).
But agendas are simple.  And to see one public institution after the next punched in the face, and, rather than fighting back, just giving up?  Really? Apologizing? Really?  Calling Social Security an entitlement? Damn right! IT’S OURS!  We paid for it! Don’t steal it from us!
The only spine in evidence in the U.S. is in Wisconsin…as the horrifically undemocratic warfare of the Republicans continues…will this stripping of public unions by last night’s illegal vote stand?  Or will a combination of legal appeals and massive protest restore their rights….will recalls be successful?  Or will the next election cycle somehow magically reverse the corporate will that was manifested in the 2010 elections, despite no obvious check to the unlimited flow of billions of anonymous campaign cash?
The best punctuation to this post is to go watch jasiri x’s “What if the Tea Party Were Black? ” on YouTube.    He takes every single tactic that has already been done by the Tea Party, he shows the Facebook page, the Fox clips, and asks, what if black people had done the same thing?  How long did the Black Panthers last in America, versus the Tea Party today?    What is freedom of speech…is it freedom of sting? Freedom of spin?   Will people give up talking because everything is twisted to accuse everyone of mean-spirited hypocrisy, of non-cooperation with the authorities?   Can anyone speak without looking like a hypocrite?   I would love to hear a conversation between Martin Luther King, Jr, and Congressman Peter King.   What if the Tea Party was black?  Would all of this look different?