Taxpayer-Funded Indiscriminate Slaughter of Wildlife Across our Land, Exposed At Last!

In Extermination at its Blindest, USDA-Wildlife Services, Wildlife Slaughter on May 4, 2012 at 12:51 am

Hot off the press, The Sacramento Bee at last has the expose that we (several of us in the Hands Across Prospect Park group opposed to the killing of geese in NYC)  had hoped The New York Times would write….a chilling, horrifying expose of the utterly non-public killing of millions of our country’s wildlife with public funds…unlike the equally horrific, but well-publicized wars in “our” name, this killing of millions of wild, voiceless animals in our name shows that we, too, are animals,  in a world where we seem to actively disdain our sentience that knows we don’t need to resort to such violence.

Read it, get mad, and let’s take to our local city councils, state legislatures, and the halls of the U.S. Congress…

The Killing Agencey: Wildlife Service’s Brutal Methods Leave a Trail of Animal Death

I just saw and heard one of these above-cited majestic coyotes (one of millions murdered) weeks ago in Yosemite National Park.  Their call of the wild is more beautiful than most else I have ever heard in my entire life.  To think of doing anything but standing in awe of them kills the part of me that must flinch when they are killed.  And we are all lesser for it.

Above, I tracked her in the snow in the early morning.  And to my utter surprise, her tracks led me to her: curious, but moved on quickly.  Later she caught a mouse in the field, which I also caught on video…..(unable to upload)

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