Spring Fervor, Continued (3 Short, Ripe Poems)

In We'll never know on February 23, 2012 at 1:53 am

For just one night
let me smolder like an ember
break all my rules
with the pivot of a tender finger

and when we are a river of fever
your rain will break my plaintiveness
my singe will evaporate into song

I will dwell below swollen banks
tending seeds
promising fragrant tendrils
possibly fruits

before maturity instills
bitter tannins
bruised goals
rotting globes


our children are emblems of the enzymes
secreted in secret
wandering in a trove of pheromones


When the memory of your golden-flecked eyes
penetrates me
poems tumble my words
as easily as oil glides into the pastels on your walls

let no one understand me
not even you
by words alone
who cares
when your elusive stare
falls near me
hovering around caged dreams
nestled near my bones
flitting in between
discarded items
now far too small
for ordinary speech


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