Words Are a Clasp

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 at 8:37 pm

Words are a clasp
to hold down a spasm
whose splintering dimensions
lightly seam
a line from your lips
beyond the frowning knowns
to the impermissible

Words are not ours
borrowed tools to steal the hours
clipping the seen out of our way
so the words we know how to say
do not choke us

We live where no one can see,
angling language
to escape the contradiction of
being seen

The unseen wriggles in silence
while words rivet the adjustable perimeters
back into their proper passages


Come Back When You Are Happy

my eyes won’t close
they’re torn inside out
ripped from a page of your sheets
strewn in a bed of free verse

that calendar
was a desert
blighted by cars
wandering margins
needing nomads to fill them
evacuating anger

come back when you are happy

vacantly swerving between abundance
and spite
a dress moves on and off
on and off
day after day
but the body is never seen
yet it felt known
briefly careening
below time
between your hands and eyes

we won’t come back till we are happy



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