Virginia Legislature: Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty, Never Admit Hypocrisy!

In Democracy, Hypocrisy on January 12, 2012 at 5:27 pm

My illustrious Virginia General Assembly  Representative,  David Englin,  alerts us to the fact that now that Republicans control BOTH houses, they are on track to pass all sorts of stunningly regressive legislation….including a law that would ban not only abortion, but one of the most common forms of birth control.   Just now, on day one of what may prove to be a most infamous session, Virginians Against the Death Penalty  (VADP)  emailed me that the Assembly has two bills to abolish the “triggerman rule,” which said that accessories to capital murder are not subject to the death penalty.   It was enough for me to gather a full head of steam, so I enclose below the note I sent to the VADP, whom I joined this year days after Troy Anthony Davis’ wrongful execution.


Do we remember the Salem witch trials kindly?  The massacre of the Native Americans or Andrew Jackson’s “Trail of Tears”?  The reign of terror of Nazi Germany?  I have never met anyone, “left” “right” “center” Democrat or Republican or Tea Party or Occupy Wall St who has  ever praised any of these actions.  Universally, these events are lamented, and regretted as an error of judgement– and for the religiously-inclined, they prove to be a stunning indictment of the very fallible judgement of men, which is why they cling to a belief in an eternal and everlasting judgement of an Almighty God, who shall look upon such errors punishingly, reserving eternity to correct the time-bound sins committed on this earth….

So why would our Virginia legislature want to align itself with a legacy of unjustified killings?  Are they suddenly infallible, as no  person in history has been?  They believe they will never put, in error, the wrong person to death?  That reason alone is sufficient to accept that no one is qualified to mete out a death penalty–even though there are crimes so heinous for which we may wish to reserve the death penalty, undoubtedly.

Yet apparently this legislative session is gleefully on track to codify the most right-wing, regressive set of contradictory, hypocritical rules their moralizing pea-brains can ever dream up–in the very same breath that they shout to the stars they are so “pro-life” they are introducing a bill to ban contraceptives, they extol the necessity of the death penalty!  The contradiction is so profound that there should be acceptance by all rational people that you cannot persuade this set of legislators with reason.  They are so intransigently belligerent that they scorn reason, and refuse to admit hypocrisy–just as, once, the South felt the Federal Government was so determined to stomp on their States’ Rights to own slaves, that it came to blows, and a vicious, bloody civil war, on this very soil we speak on today.  The South was so busy being self-righteously indignant, glaring, “Don’t Tread on Me!” that they had no thought about whether enslaving people their entire lives was wrong–it took up too much energy just to declare their own self-righteousness!

History is repeating itself right before our very eyes.  The South was not joking when they said they would concede the battle, but not give up the fight.  They have been using every legislative gun in their arsenal ever since the Civil War.  They do not mourn the death of Troy Davis any more than Bull Connor ever respected a single African-American.  I don’t kid myself about their level of venom and hatred.  Seeing the court-appointed witnesses  in Georgia, that night, reporting about Troy Davis’ last words moments after his death, blessing his executioners and exhorting us to all keep on the fight for him and all wrongfully imprisoned, it was perfectly obvious that they were not moved in the slightest by his generosity.   They were hard-hearted to the end, nothing ever shall move them.  They are smugly self-righteous that Troy deserved to die, and they are blind to the amazing grace around the world of all enlightened people rising up to say, “I am Troy Davis! We are Troy Davis!”

Such willful blindness is enough to make me head for the hills–else it should come to a bloody civil war again–for this general assembly is going to have blood on its hands by the laws it wants to enact against women, children, and prisoners.  Heinous.  They are literally causing deaths with these laws.

Only eternity will prove them wrong, though they live deaf, blind, and stupid their entire lives.  Thank you for your work,  VADP, because I obviously get so over-wrought about all of this I can’t even see straight and want to spit my own eyeballs out—but even Troy kept patiently writing, hoping, and praying every second of his life, as I know I should too!


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