“Nuke the Greens to Extinction” Fit to Print in NYTimes

In Nuke Liberals, With Right-Wing Hatred for All on January 3, 2012 at 12:59 pm

When the New York Times featured a Iraqi Photographers Captured the Costs of War from Iraqi photographers, they rejected my comment–mea culpa, it is now there, posted many days later than the date/time stamp on the comment.

Meanwhile, in the Editorial, Where the Real Jobs Are, the comment stream appears swarming with pro-drilling lobbyists–yet again indirectly declaring there shall not be one oasis of civility nor protection from right-wing thuggary in This Land (also a feature in the NYTimes) —no, The New York Times  seems all too eager to dredge the gutter of  The Hill and Politico, which consistently print some of the most unprintable and reprehensible comments–proving beyond all doubt congress is ruled by thugs, plain and simple.  They don’t care about proof, facts, rationality, or evidence.  Might makes right, and ad hominem attacks substitute for needing any evidence or justification of their self-enriching thug club.

We are put on notice, anyone who reads the Times is in utopian la-la land, and the fact that every other comment points out the disaster of Solyndra suggests the stream is taken over by lobbyists–also makes me wonder if Solyndra’s books could have been intentionally sabotaged by Republicans to shame the president—when the Republicans beat a dead horse like this, their belaboring of the point suggests an overly heavy hand they may have had in fabricating the distortion to begin with.  And the Times sees no reason to stop them, nor will they remove my flagged comment advocating jailing and ruining careers of anyone who agrees with the Times, and nuking all people who believe in environmentalism into extinction.

Not to worry, we already are nuking the entire planet into extinction simply by doing nothing—there’s no reason for the right wingers to get so hot and bothered.  Keep extracting and burning the fossil fuels, and the planet will be beyond inhabitable in a few hundred or thousand years, save for extreme thermophile bacteria and viruses.

  1. Reported

    There is no such thing as a clean fuel or a green job or a climate or an environmental danger either. I wish Senator McCarthy was back, ruining the careers and jailing the persons who agree with the Times on Keystone. And I hated Sen. McCarthy, but Green is a far worse enemy than Communism and the Soviet Union ever were. If the Greens were another country, I would think that it should be nuked into extinction!

  • Victor O
  • NYC

The New York Times continues to reside in la-la land. Good with words, but never learned basic arithmetic.

Low-cost energy has been the driver of the astounding economic development of the twentieth century, and fossil fuels will continue to meet that need for the foreseeable future. Only the brainwashed think otherwise.

Where do you want that energy to come from?


Sigh.  If the Times stops weeding out extremist comments, the polarization of the electorate will continue, and “liberals” will flee en masse to the alternative press blogs, leaving the Times to let right-wing demagoguery prevail as the “mainstream,” as it already does on every news website in the U.S.  The high-minded ideals of racial inclusiveness, equal opportunity for all, a sustainable borrowing of the earth are a rather thin, tiring veneer above the true nature of the U.S. electorate, which, North and South, urban and rural, reveals its true nature to consistently be reactionary, me-only, thuggish, and generally vile, hateful, and all too eager to jump onto a polluting, planet-wrecking energy policy.   Happy More of the Same New Year.

  1. We have lots of big problems on our hands, like wars, the economy, abuse of power, the loss of civil liberties, the evaporation of jobs, on and on. All these big issues stand in the shadow of the greatest problem bearing down on all people around the world: global warming.

    Business and government — is there still a distinction between the two? — here and abroad put off the global warming problem as if it were an issue operating on the same time-scale used by geologists. That may have been so once upon a time, but no more.

    Mother Nature and Father Physics are breathing down our necks. We are already experiencing their annoyance with us prodigals. Physics and Nature will not be bought off; nor will they be susceptible to negotiations and compromise when the forces now in motion finnaly have our full attention.

    More to come within the span of one or two generations, not eons. And yet we keep drilling, bulldozing, mining, fracking and polluting at a faster rate than ever, from the top of Everest to the bottom of the ocean. I’m glad I’m not young.


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