“Death by Inches” Superb Rant on Payroll Holiday Tax Extension

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(Liberty Park (formerly Zucotti Park), New York, October 5, 2011)

I am not sure of the etiquette/plagiarism/libel whatever legal consequences of reprinting a most excellent New York Times reader comment as a quasi “guest post” of this blog, but surely creative commons will endorse me on this, as well as “Death by Inches” him or herself.

S/he is the most reader recommended, for a reason.  But due to it being a holiday and the crappy “new”-ish Times comment system, she won’t get all the readership s/he deserves.  So, in response to “Lessons Learned in Congress, or a Sign of Things to Come?” , a citizen named “Death by Inches,”  of Arkansas, birthplace of former president Clinton, wrote:

Well kiss my you know what! The Republicans CAN do something fast when enough Americans start calling them all the bad names they so richly deserve.

They want us to think this governing thing is like brain surgery….oh, takes a long long time, is very hard, us small persons just wouldn’t understand it. Uh huh! Now we see if enough people start throwing verbal rocks at their heads they’ll snap to in a hurry and do the job we pay them to do. Occupy, please take note!

These are very serious times. Last thing we need is a bunch of clowns attaching boat anchors to every piece of legislation just because they don’t like the black guy. Us Americans are barely smart enough to see through this ploy, but finally at long last we’re starting to and our yelps for help finally got through just in time for Christmas.

We’re tired of sneaky legislation. We’re tired of political stunts. We’re tired of theatrics. We’re tired of talentless little men & women better suited for Wal-Mart middle management using us as stakes in a bizarre poker game which has replaced good government.

Let Congress take this Christmas break to crawl back home and think about their sins. You’re so horrible, people all over the country are Occupying parks & streets to protest how you’ve ruined this country. Pay attention or prepare for the worst because it’s ever so easy to paint our Congress with the Mubarak-Gaddafi-Putin brush. Silly Wisconsin Governors should also make note. We Are Sick Of You!


Well-said.  I could wake up to that again in the morning!

Three more great notes to go out on: Why the Republican Crackup is Bad for America and a most illuminating example of why Wikipedia may add more to your comprehension than conventional encyclopedias of yore.  The discussion here of the Socialist Party of America shows the long-standing tension with third parties in the (still young) U.S. system of democracy—yet the reasons for the Socialist Party surge of the early 20th century remain the reasons many are looking for a third party today. From the article:

LaFollette declined to lead a third party, however, seeking to protect those progressives elected nominally as Republicans and Democrats. LaFollette declared that the primary issue of the 1924 campaign was the breaking of the “combined power of the private monopoly system over the political and economic life of the American people.”

Mmmmm…..how has that “private monopoly system” been doing in the last 90 years?

So, too, this article shows how many decades old is the confusion and mistaking of socialism for  fascism, in this case regarding The New Deal.  They are opposites, but members of each opposing camp accuse the other of being the polar opposite of who they are (see Krugman, re: Romney, “The Post-Truth Campaign”)–but somehow all those reversals just add to the confusion, rather than canceling each other out…

And, lastly, may I recommend reading Jack London’s dystopian novel, _The Iron Heel_, as apparently hundreds of thousands of Egyptians who overthrew Mubarak last year claim inspiration from.   It was never mentioned in my English class, where _Call of the Wild_ was obligatory reading.   But I find it to be the perfect complement to the movie, _Inside Job_.   Both pieces may make 2012 a “happy-ish” new year….may they fuel the growth of the Occupy Everywhere (against Oligarchy) movement!





  1. It amazes me how thousands of Egyptians keep filling Tahrir Square and standing up to the baton-swinging army day after bloody day. I hope Gandhi was correct when he told us that brutish force in service to injustice will finally cease working for oppression when conscience reminds them what they are doing to others, others with empty hands, others deserve no such beatings and humiliations.

    Likewise in Syria, where the trouble has now migrated from provincial cities, where trouble was expected, to the Syrian capital itself, where demonstrations were not expected.

    And hasn’t OWS been a surprise here in the US? Still, each generation, each country is sorely tested and always asks itself in the thick of the turmoil whether Gandhi, or Christ or Martin still applies to its case. Should we back off and collaborate with the elites or resist, and how? Or declare neutrality; that’s easy and blame-free isn’t it? America is noted for its gumption, can-do and know-how. Let’s see whether the resisters have the head and the heart to turn things around.

    The pile of money amassed by the super rich through Rube Goldberg complexities amounting to simple theft has accomplished two things: it has turned government against itself and the people; it also fuels the resentment of the many. How many is the question. History will tell us how this all pans out. History may also remind us which side we were on during the Great Class War.

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