Suburban Mom, “Al,” & Hysterical Toddler, “Kay,” “Disappeared” from White House Grounds

In 2012 NDAA, The Disappeared, War On Error on December 15, 2011 at 3:40 pm

As a nation that always looks forward, never back, there is no need for the collective wailing and moaning happening across YouTube (thanks, Sardonicky commenter, Will)  and the blogosphere regarding the oh-so-dryly named, “2012 National Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA)–Just like the best gifts come in the smallest packages, so do the most tyrannical bills come with the most innocuous names.

No, if an abuse occurs long enough, you are supposed to stop complaining about it.  That is the American way.  That is why, ho hum, another day, another VA Tech shooting, or state-sponsored execution– just as we have long, long ago stopped mourning the killing-as-planned massacre that occurs in ghettos.  The reason the NRA minority won’t allow gun control in this country is because rampant gun violence dovetails nicely with Grover Norquist and the Koch brother’s plans to have all the poor (and now, formerly middle class) people kill each other, so that neither they, nor their congressional lackeys, will be accused of having blood on their hands by suppressing the vote and withholding food stamps, WIC nutrition, unemployment benefits, basic education, and healthcare.

I learned this truth early on, when, as a nursing student in 1998, I was lamenting to my instructor about how many people in my own immediate circle of friends and family were having endless hardship due to the “pre-existing condition” clause in their health insurance.  I was told that “pre-existing conditions” was “so passe” and such old news.   Never mind the now untold millions who are crippled more by healthcare debt than they ever were debilitated by any particular disease, another decade and a half later.  If it happens long enough, it just becomes part of society, and doesn’t matter.   Just like slavery was not always front and center of hot-button issues for the 85+ years it endured in the U.S. before being officially abolished.  Nor was women’s suffrage or the ending of child labor in factories….

But back to NDAA, or No, I Didn’t Activate the Antithesis of the 6th & 14th Amendments to the Constitution, says Mr. Constitutional Professor President…

Given that the war in Iraq is now “officially ended” (due to the Iraqi government refusing to grant immunity to American soldiers to stand trial in Iraqi court for war crimes) and we not only found no weapons of mass destruction, save the marines who killed civilians as casually as sipping a cup of coffee ,  we also never got anything but the murkiest definition of who this “Al-Qaeda” is.   The only clear thing is,  “Al-Qaeda” is one of those names that leads to infinite spelling challenges, much as slain dictator K-Daffy’s name challenged us.   Leading to the next rule of thumb–if it is tricky to spell, it can be cast as a wide drag net.

So if there’s Al-Kihdah in Afghanistan, and Al and Kay, duh! in Iraq, and there’s “sleeper cells” all over the world….well, then it makes perfect sense to start looking for that durn Al and Kay right here, given that we’re banished in I-rack (up too many civilian deaths).  And that, my friends, is where mother Al (short for Allison) was spotted with her 2-year-old daughter, Kay— in front of the ultra-surveilled sidewalk in front of the U.S. White House.

Seems that Kay was having a hissy because her sippy cup was confiscated by a mega (no more para) military guard, who demanded it due to the suspicious nature of it being possible bomb-making material.   Her screaming was declared “belligerence” which was then accelerated to a charge “aggravated assault” on the eardrums of the guards (only guards are allowed to use the scream machine to disperse civilians).  And, with that, she and her mother (who by that point was also screaming), were summarily escorted down the rabbit hole of the security octopus apparatus, into an unmarked vehicle, to be taken to an unnamed prison, to be given no unnamed lawyer, nor chance to represent themselves before any unnamed judge.

When a citizen journalist with a cell phone asked the guard what their names were, he replied, “Al-Kayda in Amerika”–dangerous “enemy combatants” whom you will be hearing about for the next 3 years on FauX news:  “Al-Kayda in Amerika Apprehended at White House Gate!”

So, you see, this new law is not something to mourn–it’s cause for celebration!   It will in fact make it easier than ever for us to declare we are winning the war on terror by catching more bogus “terrorists” on trumped up charges,  after we fatigued from winning the “war on drugs” for a few decades.   For every “win” in the “war on error”  (any error being yours, not mine, declares any sadistical guard in a foul mood that day) means we have more to fear and should be on even MORE heightened alert for “retaliation” attacks.  It’s a self-perpetuating war with no end in sight, the best kind of war  for a society that relies on a military-industrial war machine to churn out GDP growth numbers!  (One of the most apt but upsetting Vietnam era protest signs was of a wounded Vietnamese child with the caption “Our Gross Domestic Product”).

Cheer up–you might be arrested just in time for the holidays!  It will wash your unemployment worries away….

Go back to milking! We're all once and future terrorists....

  1. I love this essay so much.


    There are lots of us (lots more every day!) out here. Don’t stop reporting!


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