“We’ll Occupy” Theme Song With “Love Boat” Reverberations

In Uncategorized on December 1, 2011 at 3:29 pm

I absolutely love how auto-suggest on YouTube simply will not, WILL NOT, auto-suggest “I’ll Occupy” when you start to type it into their white box.  They want to suggest I watch all sorts of other videos, “Because you watched: ‘I Will Survive'” —But since I watched  “I’ll Occupy” ,  YouTube does not suggest I watch any other related videos!  They shall not be indicted in court one day for having facilitated a world-wide peaceful internet revolution, no sirreee!

I found this video last night thanks to the Pottersville Blogging Against Fascism, and it is just so excellent, I want to feature it too.  Also to feature Jasiri X’s  “Occupy (We the 99)”– though I still think his “What if The Tea Party Was Black” and “Real Gangsta’s” remain hits of the century.  (Apparently I can’t link Jasiri X on this blog but you can type it into YouTube to watch it).

Gotta love “The Love Boat” reverberations in the background of  I’ll Occupy/I Will Survive—reminds me of being a kid, when watching t.v. was a once-a-week, whole family event, rather than an omnipresent wall in people’s homes.  I thought my parents were so hip to let me watch *MASH* and  “The Love Boat” with them!


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