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Fret-Sealing the Debt-Ceiling

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Alas, it is wickedly hot as wicked deals are brewing in our Nation’s Capitol  and my imagination has become as lacquered as peeling paint in the few moments of free time I have…Time will be mine again in the fall, but I still puzzle reading Sardonicky comments  why more people aren’t jumping up and down about the October 6, 2011 Coalition, which also has plenty of protests planned before then.  They put out out a video here…October 6, 2011 Government for People, Not for Money

Their email list  can be accessed at  October2011.org <info@october2011.org>     Who knows?  But it is better than nothing…

re: Krugman, “Messing with Medicare”

Sadly, I fear President Obama’s capitulation on Medicare can be predicted from his reaction to Beer Summit of 2 years ago.

He went from stating a resounding truth that so many millions of people know to be true (that African-Americans & Latinos are stopped more often than others), to undermining his message by apologizing. We thought he was going to bring us another teachable moment on race’s potent mythologizing and the way it can lead power astray.

Instead, it was a depressing capitulation to the distortions of race, solidifying the mistaken but ingrained assumptions that make race appear more real than our humanity. There was national hysteria because old battle lines of perceived oppressions were drawn.

Now we need a powerful, unswerving transcendence of these ingrained battle lines, something to bring both sides to the higher truth of us being One Nation. A \”Grand Bargain\” cannot involve horse-trading the lives of a few hundred million hard-working Americans for a relative handful of insanely rich private interests, who may very well be international predatory capitalists willing to steal the wealth of nations from any politicians and citizenry who are not vigilant enough to bar them.

This hostage-taking of we, the American People by the unknown wealth now allowed into our politics via the Tea Party, is akin to being arrested for trespassing in our own home. Most would agree we \”acted stupidly\” for opening the borders of our Democracy to anonymous, international pools of cash, with our declaration that corporations are people.

Yet now these outside interests have helped us elect a government whose stated mission is to make our President fail: we are stuck at home with a ceiling about to crash on our heads while the wealthy interests of the world take positions to capitalize on our chaos. We hand over the family jewels of Medicare, and still it is not enough to save the country we call home. I wish the rich would leave so we could tax fairly again!

The Poor Rich

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Takoma Pk., 4th of July celebration, [7/4/22]

Takoma Park, 4th of July Celebration , 1922


We are each born wild.  We each replicate the transition from sea to land in our birth…conceived as mermaids, but hatched as runners, dreamers, and sometime fliers.

Like geese, we seem to imprint on early acquaintances with people, ideas, customs, and traditions.    Out of all the possibilities, we are born to one spot where its people and traditions compel us with the fortitude of their longevity and earnestness.

The accidental nature of being born in one era or place as opposed to any other is the very underpinning of freedom: the fact that birth itself is a mere whim means that all people, innately, “have” freedom.   From there, the boundaries or boundlessness of nations and private enterprises are defined.

So, in my case, Democracy was an amorphous dream, vaguely percolating from the edge of a public school elementary desk.  These strange concepts of colonists, tyrants, tea-partiers, taxers, and  Stamp Acts, thrown in a stew with massacres of Indians (only occasionally Native Americans) (who were sometimes friends with Colonists), and a fledgling trans-continental trade where slaves were  de-humanized to match the commodification of cotton, tea, spice, sugarcane and molasses…did not come across to me as a clear-cut, resounding Democracy!

I sat at my desk, listened, and, inside, kept switching allegiances.   At any given moment,  I felt sympathy to each player,  but I had my favorites.   And it is easy to gin up outrage when you paint one group into a “side,” and imagine and project yourself going back in time to be a valiant fighter against the tyranny of the King Georges, slave traders, and Hitlers of the world….but really start dissecting events, such as the American Civil War, realizing all your relatives today had ties to both sides…and, life, history, and nation collapse into a heap of complexity, unsalvageable from ready-made heroes and villains.

Yet salvaging the concept of nation, and, in particular, Democracy, from its hypocrisies is what shapes it away from corruption and towards Enlightenment.  Our country is, indeed, a continual “work in progress,” as the  \”High Noon\”editorial of the Times opines.

Thus, nation is the last perimeter between the raw person, their family, their religion, education, beliefs, and the primordial, existential and unnameable.  All such concepts are arbitrary, thus all are fully malleable.   Think of this: if the world were controlled solely by quantum physicists,  they may not have divided time by the second, but by Plancks’ constant instead–a fracturing of time that represents uncertainty more than it purports to constrain certainty.

So I conclude that the rich of today’s world, who supersede all national boundaries as predatory capitalists, hatching schemes to ship jobs where all risk can be socialized and all profit can be hoarded,  are fundamentally poor in lacking a preference for nation or a conception of Democracy…a conception of the inherent equality of all people, and an inherent dignity, worth, and freedom that is unencumbered by tawdry dollars.  Without such conception, they are cast back into the tiny shadow of themselves, a miser counting gold, that no matter how high it piles, will not be enough, because they lack the imagination and spirit to see the soaring, transcendent freedom of Democracy of all people.  Instead, hoarding wealth for themselves, they simply inflate the prices of objects, oblivious to the effect such inflation has on the millions around them who are not only not misers and hoarders, but are actually Democratists.

The concept of Democracy is passed through the generations because the fundamental ache for this nobler, grander, spiritual ideal of inherent equality of all people, and fundamental freedom of the human spirit, is not limited to one time or place.  It keeps igniting in the hearts of  people, which leads them to sing out, to lead marches, to write in the newspapers, to run for elected office, to serve the public– all public equally, as a peer to all peers, in whatever capacity they choose.

Thus, the people who collect their corporate profits and fly in their jets with a house in each country in the world are deluding themselves into thinking they “own” the world, as equally as British colonists deluded themselves into believing this “new continent” was “theirs.”

It is no more theirs than it is ours.  It is everyone’s and no one’s only to the extent that we see freedom as a shared possibility for any and all whose dreams would dare to grasp so high.  Dependence on predation of people for profit is the rich man’s shackles…he can exploit the world over, and never find freedom, never declare Independence.   Independence comes from uniting for the common good, gladly paying our taxes to further society, and working to ensure the blessings of freedom can be felt by all.  Happy Fourth of July to everyone around the world who yearns for such freedom!


Takoma Pk., 4th of July celebration, 7/4/22