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Radiating Disaster: Small Weiner-Roast or Massive Nuclear Meltdown?

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Rows of tables crowded with men, dining room, Immigrant Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Immigrant Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1890-1923”

The fact that Weiner is front and center of The New York Times much of today shows the new leadership at the paper is about as much of a sea-change for journalism at the Times as changing presidents has been for our country.   I cannot look at the continued Times coverage of Weiner as anything but the total meltdown of journalism, and the complete surrender to the right-wing robber barons depriving us of every public asset in the world, in state after state and country after country.

Weiner was heckled by an obviously malicious press–I could have not been in that room, or I might’ve started a brawl with the hecklers–as he championed his public school education, his parents, and all those who have supported him all these years, and apologized for disappointing them.  Weiner Resigns to Room full of Thugs

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports, Fukushima: It’s much worse than you think

And the report is beyond horrifying–The reason the Times has done virtually no reporting on this, (and the most recent story on June 16, 2011, is only about a long-old unfolding of events around the initial March 12 earthquake), is because the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission stopped monitoring Fukushima all together as of  May 16.  U.S. Agency to Stop Monitoring Nuclear Plant

Hard to imagine this time last year it was all oil spill, all the time.  We were yet to see the photos of all the oiled and frying Pelicans because it took so long to let BP give reporters access to the beaches.  OUR beaches.

The continued heist of the safety of the planet for all future generations continues in this latest nuclear disaster, that now surpasses Chernobyl as the worst nuclear accident in the history of the world.   While last year BP surpassed Ixtoc and the Iraqi spills as the worst oil spills in the world.  All before record hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and fires would ravage the U.S.  An ignomious list of  “firsts and worsts.”

I quote liberally from the article, but hope you read the whole thing:

“The fuels are now a molten blob at the bottom of the reactor,” Gundersen added. “TEPCO announced they had a melt through. A melt down is when the fuel collapses to the bottom of the reactor, and a melt through means it has melted through some layers. That blob is incredibly radioactive, and now you have water on top of it. The water picks up enormous amounts of radiation, so you add more water and you are generating hundreds of thousands of tons of highly radioactive water.”

“In the US, physician Janette Sherman MD and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published an essay shedding light on a 35 per cent spike in infant mortality in northwest cities that occurred after the Fukushima meltdown, and may well be the result of fallout from the stricken nuclear plant.

The eight cities included in the report are San Jose, Berkeley, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Cruz, Portland, Seattle, and Boise, and the time frame of the report included the ten weeks immediately following the disaste.”

Hmmmm….The Times won’t put THIS on the front page….somehow unrepressed sexuality that doesn’t stay in the confines of marriage is the REAL threat to public safety…

“They recalculated the amount of radiation released, but the news is really not talking about this,” he said. “The new calculations show that within the first week of the accident, they released 2.3 times as much radiation as they thought they released in the first 80 days.”

According to Gundersen, the exposed reactors and fuel cores are continuing to release microns of caesium, strontium, and plutonium isotopes. These are referred to as “hot particles”.

“We are discovering hot particles everywhere in Japan, even in Tokyo,” he said. “Scientists are finding these everywhere. Over the last 90 days these hot particles have continued to fall and are being deposited in high concentrations. A lot of people are picking these up in car engine air filters.”

Radioactive air filters from cars in Fukushima prefecture and Tokyo are now common, and Gundersen says his sources are finding radioactive air filters in the greater Seattle area of the US as well.

The hot particles on them can eventually lead to cancer.

“These get stuck in your lungs or GI tract, and they are a constant irritant,” he explained, “One cigarette doesn’t get you, but over time they do. These [hot particles] can cause cancer, but you can’t measure them with a Geiger counter. Clearly people in Fukushima prefecture have breathed in a large amount of these particles. Clearly the upper West Coast of the US has people being affected. That area got hit pretty heavy in April.”

“Units one through three have nuclear waste on the floor, the melted core, that has plutonium in it, and that has to be removed from the environment for hundreds of thousands of years,” he said. “Somehow, robotically, they will have to go in there and manage to put it in a container and store it for infinity, and that technology doesn’t exist. Nobody knows how to pick up the molten core from the floor, there is no solution available now for picking that up from the floor.”

Grim, indeed.

The environmental woes seem too large to address, so instead we focus on the sexuality of one man as a locus for our political id.   And if humans hadn’t been this darn successful at reproducing, we literally wouldn’t be in this mess.  But rather than point that out, we have to self-flagellate the very mechanism (sexuality) that led to our over-population to begin with.  We are literally self-absorbed to the point of extinction.

Maybe when humans are extinct in a few hundred years after the planet has warmed beyond habitability, perhaps some new nuclear life forms will evolve from the rotting spent fuel rods.   With a half-life of 10,000 years and the capacity to survive far hotter temperature extremes than we, maybe they’ll create some type of higher intelligence that is not as perverse as we–perverse not in the way people think of Weiner, but perverse because we cannot see our folly in chastising Weiner while ignoring the clear and present danger created by our short-sighted care of the environment all around us.

[Snake charmers. India. 189-?]

“Snake Charmers, India, 189-?”

[Priest sitting. India. 189-?]

“Priest Sitting, India, 189-?”

March on Wall St. June 22, 2011, Noon

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High Bridge, New York City

(The High Bridge, NYC, 1900)

Why can’t I find any information about this march on the internet?  Perhaps my “personalized” search results  have refined the feisty side out of me?

I cannot even find (on their own website, Democracy Now!) the interview with Amy Goodman sometime in the last 2 weeks about the insidious way “personalized” search results are resulting in effectively “siloed thought” (as our friend Phil Balla would say)…or, alternatively, censorship.

This crackdown on U.S. protest  is most amusing while the Times simultaneously declares, “The Obama administration is leading a global effort to deploy “shadow” Internet and mobile phone systems that dissidents can use to undermine repressive governments that seek to silence them by censoring or shutting down telecommunications networks. ”   U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

All, apparently, except, our own.

I would be delighted if people from all areas of the country (and world!) could email me (tuniest_tunism@hotmail.com) or post comments to this blog on whether or not their Yahoo!  (my preferred option, since Google and Yahoo are like Republicans and Democrats, where Republicans are Full Calorie Option and Democrats are really Republican-lite) or Google spy machines offer them information about this upcoming march.

For while we think search engines are searching “for” us,  they are really searching us, inside and out– our interests, family, friends, shopping habits, social networks,  job-related data, income, zipcodes, health problems, sexual peccadillos, ad nauseum….  And we do all their work for them by giving them hours of data for “free” while they agree to not charge us for our work, by offering us more and more “free” platforms, which are all really data-mining endeavors disguised as “services.”   Then, the FBI just has to put subpoena power to all the technology companies (which they long ago did), and, by jingo, the Republicans are right!  You don’t need government if you can just get Google to do all your work for you! “Fire ’em all, Google IS the new fed!” says Trump….

Few people ever read the privacy policies informing us how entirely non-existent our privacy is—our privacy exists like the market is truly “free.”   But we read the policy, get angry for a day or two, then get seduced by the utility and ubiquity of technology, trying to keep in the back of our mind that it is like riding on a public subway….and if Weiner had a momentary lapse there, all the more reason we need to show up on the streets a thousand-fold to accommodate the loss of one of the few quasi-progressive voices in congress (though strangely, after I followed him, then replied to his solicitation for followers, he didn’t follow me back on Twitter…I use a “Keep Fighting Wisconsin Union” sign as my Gravatar, not a photo)….

(And why haven’t we heard from even the “progressive” voices about Weiner’s efforts to impeach Clarence Thomas? Was he actually making progress before this burning at the stake?  Intuition suggests he must have been close to touching a nerve…but after Weiner’s  \”data dump\” May 27, 2011 about Clarence Thomas’s financial disclosure forms–poof–the issue vanishes, as Weiner’s  “transgressions” cover up a Supreme Court Justice who wears no clothes as he parades the streets for corporations and makes a mockery of men.)

Theoretically, by naming this post for the march, at least it should temporarily appear high on search result lists for “March on Wall St. June 22, 2011.”

Mr. President, Why Haven\’t There Been Criminal Investigation of Wall St. Elites?

The article suggests there are too many cozy relationships.  Anyone who is not cozy is invited to join us, and sing out loud…

But the spooky fact that I can’t find info on the U.S. internet about a march coming up very soon, or about many past marches at all, makes me start to become highly suspicious of “The Arab Spring.”

Maybe it really was a coup by corporate control (esp. U.S. oil interests) to “liberalize” the economies of the Mid-East away from dictatorship control, straight into their slimy hands covering their unctuous blood oil with Invisible Hand Gloves of the Free Market….

But when you shine the right light of citizen scrutiny, the invisible ink suddenly turns up the names of the same banksters and mega-corps that have bought most of our politicians from under our noses….Blank Paychecks (BP), Exxon-Motel, Golden Slacks, Citi-Coup, Chevwrong,  etc….setting up shop wherever the taxes are non-existent and fussy national lines and courts don’t smudge their profits…using companies like Facebook and Twitter as their gilded executive fine ink pens….Technology companies today are the quill pens of yore, being merely the ink (invisible interface) that  transmits the rules, the terms of the contract, and the important players….

If that is the case, we should be flattered there’s no news of this impending march….it means these monster corps are possibly scared of us…normal, “non-corporate” people.  Average citizens, and moreso, non-citizens.  I hope they’re right, but given the sorry state of activism in the U.S. these days,  I’m not holding my breath.  I’m just planning to take solace in whoever’s there, even if it turns out to be as small as a church service…

Sometimes the most powerful events in history have few witnesses.  But Democracy is a day-in, day-out process of raising our voices, never letting them be succored into conciliatory acquiescence to the money that never sleeps as it devours the world from our feet: as it blows mountaintops off the face of the earth in West Virginia in an area as large as Delaware; as it causes mass suicide of farmers in India who are in debtor’s prison with genetically modified seeds that grow a crop but do not create seed corn;  as it buys our press who fills infinite cyberspace with empty hypocrisy while real greed pillages the land ruthlessly, and “hundred-year” weather events crowd the door in every state and country in the world, happening every few weeks year after year now, mocking their name like Democracy is a mocking label of our government.

If derivatives, CDOs, MBSs, and the very word, “complex” makes your brain freeze over before you muster enough rage to scream yourself hoarse, consider this: suppose Goldman Sachs declared it owned The Atlantic Ocean, in the very same manner Exxon-Mobil and pals have declared they “own” the oil in the United States. (Whereas countries like Venezuela act like world policemen to the international  oil profiteers, telling them to get their slimy hands off their supply:  it is the public’s, and the profits go back to the people.  And Venezuela is now using their public monies from their oil to provide charity to U.S. families who have been cut off from home heating oil subsidies by Republicans in congress.  Oh, but they are evil Socialists, don’t you know??)

This means you must call New York and arrange your next family vacation with Goldamn.  Planning to sunbathe?  That’s available for hourly, daily, weekly, and! just posted: minute options.  Yes,  ordinarily, 3 minutes of sunbathing is $5.00.  But if you double down for 6 minutes of plain sand sitting, bringing your own towel, they’ll arrange a convenient discount of  $9.00 for 6 minutes.  Of course, if you would like to sit in the Royal Government Sacks [of gold] beach chair, you’re looking at a minimum $150 per day flat rental, whether you use it for the whole day or just for a minute or two….Lucky for you, all quoted rates are “as is”–no pesky taxes apply, because Godamn is just weary of paying taxes, and figured out it doesn’t need to, because the government doesn’t own anything anymore—they privatized every speck of land and water, and liquidated the country into purely the private sector.

A similar fee scale, of course, applies to boating, swimming, and fishing.  Goldman Sachs owns the access to the water, the periphery of the water, the water, and all its contents, and has exclusive jurisdiction over all the activities that occur in and around the ocean.

But this is NOT A MONOPOLY!  John Boehner just screamed, “HELL NO!  HELL NO! ” so you KNOW  this has to be true!  It only applies to The Atlantic Ocean.  If you don’t like it, you have four other oceans to go swim in.

What?  Don’t have money to get off the East Coast?  Well, good, because if you had made it to the West Coast you may have been disappointed to learn that David Hamilton Koch recently purchased The Pacific Ocean.  But of course, this shows The Invisible Hand of The Free Market working its finest:  he’s charging DOUBLE the Goddamn Sachs rates–it’s  “the west coast premium,” don’t cha know?

So, simply by staying on the unaffordable East Coast, you are actually saving double by not traveling to the West Coast!

And that, my friends, is The Free Market at work.  By the time you made it to the Indian Ocean, on the rumor it was not yet privatized, it would be.  Mergers and acquisitions run unchecked, and the Sherman Anti-Trust law is a relic as quaint as the telegraph line in the age of Twitter.

The only possible way to stop the inevitable monstrification (thank you, Sarah Palin, for giving the whole world license to invent words) of ever larger “too big to fail” pools of money galloping faster than the law around the world, wreaking havoc on country after country and never pausing in jail, is through massive international complaint and resistance…a steady din of a cry for prosecution, on blogs, the streets, comment pages, the streets, and wherever people are gathered.  Did I say the streets?  Wall St.?  Washington?

The streets.

Tell Wall St. if the market is so free, they better get pictures of the founding fathers of the U.S. government off our currency.  (mmmm, careful what you wish for…..Actually, Wall St. uses electronic transactions for everything, so it is quite possible they have  forgotten what printed money looks like, or that actual U.S. citizens have real jobs printing paper money.  In fact, Wall St. doesn’t even use the computers on Wall St. itself much anymore.  They have retreated to the vast reaches of cyberspace, much like you and me).

Move over Ben and George,  Wall St. doesn’t need your colonialism anymore, it’s just too suffocating to have to abide by the concept of  “nation,”  let alone “wealth of nations.” (Why do you think you never hear the term “nation” anymore–“homeland” has replaced it entirely, just like it did in Hitler’s Germany).    Wall St. now prefers wealth freed of nations“wealth without nations,” kinda like “doctors without borders,” but in reverse Robin Hood….

Though perhaps  Wall St.  is messaging Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears, and now considers every one currently living in the U.S.  to be the current crop of  “Native Americans” to be forced to march away, out of the way, out of sight, to some place where we don’t have to be heard from, where our culture vanishes, where we won’t demand messy treaties, where we very well may die of disease along the way—for this is exactly how Wall St., and their handmaiden, the press, is treating the unemployed, the veterans fighting multiple tours in combat missions, the veterans trying to cope with civilian life in a world of  high unemployment, the uninsured, the debt-laden students with no job prospects, the hungry, the homeless, the hopeless, the starving, as well as the angry, the determined, the organized, the adamant, the resolved, the absolutely blood-boilingly outraged at the mere concept of Ryan’s Mediscam, the seethingly unemployed, and all the people who say everyday, “We’re not going to take it anymore!” in all the little and big ways they can think of.

We are all being ignored equally by the press and consciously streamlined out of search engine “optimization,” whether we are in the throes of despondency or over-zealous optimism about the force and fate of prosecutions.

Or about overhauling the system.

Or revolution.

It matters not how peevish or grandiose your ideas are on the plateau of ideas, for your ideas matter very little to Wall St.

Money alone matters.  Ideas are considered of little consequence, since they have been able to dream up and orchestrate any manner of flim flam fraud under the rubric of derivatives, crisis, or bailout and get all the money they could ever want, with all the future promise of buying up more markets, more governments, and more control than they ever have time enough for in one lifetime.  Which is why eliminating the inheritance tax and making sure dynasties can continue for generations and centuries as they did during the many centuries of feudalism of the Dark Ages is a real priority for these international bandits right now.   They are still bitter about The Renaissance and The Enlightenment, and they are still furious about the outcome of The Civil War in the U.S.  (they still call it “The War of Northern Aggression”).

That fact alone should make us determined to come together and be heard.  Or be a herd. (We may even thunder while we are there,  Mr. Brisbane!)   Anything to rustle up the bull on Wall St.,  to debunk the bull coming from Wall St., and to start throwing it back at them, rather than letting them continue to assault us as we watch our ostensible “representatives” cower or cave or get a cut or otherwise make deals and compromise on us, on our jobs, our homes,  our streets, our air, our water, our country, and our planet.  Understanding that these components of community  are not “ours” for all time,  but that we are only borrowing them while we are here.

But to let others who disavow this continue unchecked, and believe they do rightfully own trillions of dollars themselves at the expense of billions of mere wage slaves,  today and into perpetuity… is a dishonor to the very principal that life itself is borrowed only for a short while and everyone has the equal chance to soar, blossom, and fly as their imagination and creativity deems fit, so long as it does not ruin that same opportunity for others…..

We’re not gonna take it anymore.   See you June 22.   I will do my personal best to make it wheel-chair accessible, offering my services to any wheelchair-bound person who would like to go but feels leery.

It will be beautiful.

U.S. Sub-treasury [Federal Hall], Wall St., New York

“U.S. Sub-treasury [Federal Hall], Wall St., New York, 1900”

Just the Right Touch: Healing Main St.

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This week, the nurses from National Nurses United tried an emergency resuscitation March on Washington: stopping first at the Chamber of Commerce to let them know they have a bill \”Past Due\” to the American people for all the bailouts we have given to Wall St. And hand delivering the message to every congressional staffer letting them know that the only way to heal America is to heal Main St.

The way Main St. can get a pulse back is through a single-payer health care system that eliminates the expensive insurance companies and allows workers to pay directly for their own healthcare through taxes.  I am hoping that businesses will soon flock to Vermont, the first state in the union to enact single-payer.  No longer having to carry the odious burden of almost $20,000 per employee under the current private health insurance system, new and old businesses alike who set up shop there might have so much money left over they could even give their employees a raise.

With dire unemployment being unattended to by our leaders, it is our nation’s nurses that are taking to the streets to rouse them from their torpor.  Our nation cannot survive without jobs that provide tax revenues that sustain our children, parents, and grandparents.

The absence of these tax revenues in the form of non-existent jobs is a hemorrhaging of our nation, a literal bleeding to death of the common good.

To stave the bleeding, first we need direct pressure, and then a good tourniquet.  The direct pressure is our continued presence marching in the streets (next march on Wall St. June 22).  The tourniquet is a financial transaction tax on Wall St.

If jobs cannot provide the revenue we so sorely need, then the inhuman trades of computers should start returning some taxes to the government…then we would be \”rich\” enough to employ people immediately in WPA-style programs doing tornado and disaster relief all over the U.S.

The rousing, inspired, angry voices of nurses calling on Washington to heal our nation with jobs and appropriate taxation of robotic transactions on Wall St. is just what the doctor ordered: hand-delivered by nurses, with just the right touch to heal a suffering that extends far beyond the sadness and cruelties of diseases.  Our nation’s pain is not felt only in its hospital beds, and so our remedy must extend beyond the margins of the hospital to the whole of society, for the true health and flourishing of all.