Where The Wild Things Aren’t *

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I am pausing from apoplectic/catatonic Tweeting to save the Atlantic seaboard from offshore drilling to re-post a response to Griot Walter Rhett’s post about “The Anti-Obama Buzz.”

Also glad Gail Collins addressed the heinous abortion situation, played out yesterday with HR3, which would effectively force all insurers to not cover abortion.  It passed, but the President promises to veto it should it pass the Senate.

 RT @DreamAmelia: #HR3 Why can’t Republicans let the Supreme Court in each woman’s heart make the decision and leave us alone?
Thankful as ever for fantastic reader comments yesterday and today by Karen, Marie, Kate, and Valerie.

“After Obama’s surgical strike, Republicans are making every effort to numb the national conversation.” (Griot Rhett)

But the people are electrified. The electorate is electrified, as much or more than we were in the giddy heydey of President Obama’s election night and first days in office.

And no, “a little sweat never hurt no one.” If this is propaganda (Mrs. Obama dancing with schoolchildren), I admit my heart is melting for it…given, taken, had, she has me, I am ALL Mrs. Michelle Obama’s…

No, sadly, Hillary’s mojo could never get her twiggy stiffness uncreaked, while Michelle lithely floats rhythm…

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, every single ball that lands in the President’s court these days is struck deftly into the opponent’s court: no malice.

The President’s laughter at all the SNL jokes at the WHC dinner, his own “Red Press State Film. Rated U: Unacceptable for viewing audiences anywhere,” his memory of soldiers at the dinner, the now stunning overtones of his “We don’t have time for this silliness” press conference over the BC, coupled with his, “And I can’t get the press to cut in on an issue of national importance like our budget!”–
The Easter Egg Roll White House Garden reading by Sasha and Malia of  Where the Wild Things Are…

Whoah. Stop and think about that: Where The Wild Things Are.

They actually read that in the garden 1 week before Osama Bin Laden was assassinated. Where are the wild things now? Sadly, they still lurk in the Republicans heads.

It seems that every public move of late was calculated to rise in a state of grace, so that all the pieces of the puzzle would fall neatly back together into the conditions of this moment, like an Olympian athlete, displaying agility and poise that mere mortals do not normally possess, instilling awe at a sense of possibly supernatural powers.

Do Olympian athletes who didn’t get the Gold walk away and say, well I never thought much of running anyway?  No, they hone their craft to a higher art even deeper than before.  But the Republicans are like wanna be athletes, who, on losing, give up, rather than double down on effort.  Naaaah, we never thought OBL was so important anyway….but we still believe in torture, that’s why we do our best to relentlessly torment the President, so  that no matter how many tokens and trivia of stature he acquires (Harvard, Columbia, Author, Senate, Presidency, Nobel Prize), we will keep moving the goal post further down the field.  We will forever look at him with eyes as dismissively as any plantation owner viewed his slaves, ever blind to the amazing grace and forbearance that the slaves daily gave their masters by not taking an eye for an eye.

Every narrative that attempts to reduce the President to a mere old-style, Chicago-style, pay-to-play politician crumbles in the hands of the purveyor while the doves of his agility and grace soar into the air.

This in no way confers a “free pass” on the need to get out of Afghanistan immediately, pass The People’s Budget,  get Wall St. out of Washington, instill Elizabeth Warren as a permanent consumer protection board chair, use the bully pulpit for The Dream Act, and use all this capital as EVIDENCE Guantanamo needs to be closed now.

But it adds faith that he is taking this fire from us and keeping the flame alive in his heart. Maybe we are too quick to believe all is lost. Maybe stranger things we haven’t seen yet can happen. They certainly can’t happen without our dreams, so I’ll keep dreaming, and, of course, working locally.

As Walter Rhett taught me, we are not so much writers, as “dreamscribes.”  Writing out our dreams.


* Update, May 6.

While it is heartening to read of the widespread recognition that the President represents the appropriate dignity we want to present to the world, by withholding the photos of Osama Bin Laden;  to feel  that he was heartfelt and sincere in his laying of the wreath, with hugs that say more than words, at the New York Ground Zero Memorial;  appropriately honoring the families and all of our nation first, before he went on to cite  “a job well done” to the military….that, really, most of what we “do” or “are” is not manifest either in what we look like or what we say…so the ineffables of photos from the scenes grip us with myriad possibilities, speaking to millions of different people…

There is also a recognition that those who hate the President will hate forever, no matter what.   I, at least, am coming to peace with that.   To finally understand that this brutality is no different than what Ghandi or Martin Luther King, Jr, or Malcolm X, or the Freedom Riders encountered…what must have been bigotry at its harshest, lowest, meanest form.  And they rose gloriously, ultimately unchafed by the sands of time.

The IChing reading for today points to  Hexagram 58,  Tui, The Joyous, Lake, whose translation from Richard Wilhelm states,

“The joyous mood is infectious and therefore brings success. But joy must be based on steadfastness if it is not to degenerate into uncontrolled mirth. Truth and strength must dwell in the heart, while gentleness reveals itself in social intercourse. In this way one assumes the right attitude toward God and man and achieves something.

Under certain conditions, intimidation without gentleness may achieve something momentarily, but not for all time.

When, on the other hand, the hearts of men are won by friendliness, they are led to take all hardships upon themselves willingly, and if need be will not shun death itself, so great is the power of joy over men.”

This, to me, says it all and is exactly why the Republicans remain so inherently dead wrong in their purposes and motivations.  They cannot strong arm the will of the people as they have been doing since their 2010 election, because “intimidation without gentleness may achieve something momentarily, but not for all time.”  This goes from union-busting to corporate cronyism to barely veiled racism to egregious assaults on women.

The ideals and forces that occur for longer durations of time are based on steadfast joy, not uncontrolled mirth.  You feel called to do it because it gives you deep satisfaction:  the joy of fruitful labor, not indulgence.

The electorate, myself included, spilled too much into uncontrolled mirth upon the President’s election, but now we firmly have the reigns in hand and know much better what needs to be done.  With patient strength, we work to those goals, recognizing that the President obviously knows more than many would give him credit for conveying.   As do each one of us.

So it is from that very clear position of strength, power, and inner possibility, inner vision, that we will keep on marching forward, far less daunted than ever by sideshows of derision, which, this week,  have proven themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt to be laughably feeble-minded and foolish.   We will leave the haters in the dust, and keep the eyes on the prize, not mirthfully, not vaingloriously, but quietly joyfully, because that is what delights us.


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