Hiking for Tax Hikes in Beverly Hills (re: Krugman, “Let’s Take a Hike”)

In Armor, Balanced, Decisive, Difficult on April 25, 2011 at 12:39 am

Interior showing family of nine

Indeedy, Mr. Krugman, our country would do well to send a few tax collectors hiking up Beverly Hills, CA, swinging by Manhattan, NYC, on the way….a hike in such terrain would be salubrious for body, mind, and soul of our nation, no doubt!

Thank you for reminding me that the original Bush tax cuts were sold as a way to dispose of a large budget surplus…

How did that simple “high taxes= surplus” truth twist into the magical thinking that _cutting_ taxes, not increasing taxes, creates revenues and budget surpluses? The louder the frothy-mouthed “debaters” scream this lie at each other on FOX news, the more the veneer wears off their hysteria, coming back to the perfectly obvious arguments you patiently state.

Most vexing of all, why do the Democrats fall into this deficit trap? Every time we do, the budget surpluses travel right upstream to the rich. The last surplus was a give-away in lavish tax breaks to people who did not need them. Now that the rich have spent even that surplus, they are willing to extend their largesse to themselves by brazenly stealing from the elderly and middle class.

The word “private” has it origins in Middle English and Latin of 1350-1400, literally “taken away from public affairs, special use of past participle of ‘privare’ to rob” (Random House).

So whenever you hear the word “privatize,” just think “rob from the common good.”

Our hard-earned, rich reservoir of common good in this country has been too successful at welcoming everyone, even people who blatantly profess to propel the rich ahead at the expense of everyone else. Those are the very few who need to be barred from continuing to help themselves while the hard-working and humble avert their eyes in shame for them.

The People’s Budget is a stepping stool for the American people to rise above the hysteria of tax-cuts-for-the-rich, spending-cuts-for-everyone-else.  It is a budget proposal head-and-shoulders above the trash talk and kick in the teeth the Ryan budget propels.


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