The Eyes Have It

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“Women strikers selling newspapers for a living. New York shirt waist workers strike, 1910.”

I am still adjusting to an indecisive melancholy over the New York Times pay-wall, which even has a name about as inspiring as wall-pay-per, as if Charlotte Perkins Gilman may at any moment pixelate herself through the computer wallpaper and demand your $15 before you continue reading….yet  Gilman’s words, “but this is dead paper and a great relief to my mind,” would be a horror to the New York Times were they taken literally, whose paper paper seems to be dying as the screen adds pages of life in reader comments…

At moments,  I am ready to boycott the website entirely in a pique against a perceived injustice to all the unemployed and disenfranchised, who are precisely the ones many of us most want to hear from in the reader comments.  On the other hand, discomfit with the Times has birthed such wellsprings as Sardonicky, being the best alternative to even the best of the “alternative” news…

So, since the Times did not “highlight” this comment (below),  I am doing so now.  Nor can I add all the other great ones I have enjoyed lately…but these are the “ordinary” voices that need broad platforms of free speech, such as the Times at one time afforded our sometimes democratic democracy.    These are the “eyes” that have it,  their living witness the fullest rebuttal to the Ryan budget.  The “tainted cheesiness of Paul Ryan,” as Sardonicky notes, (http://kmgarcia2000.blogspot.com/) does not spread on any cracker that can be eaten, and will do nothing to cure the literal and spiritual hunger of our nation.


Colorado Going Blue


April 5th, 2011

8:25 pm
The word “entitlement” is rapidly becoming an outrage. I have worked for someone more wealthy than I since I was thirteen years old and I am in my fifties now. These people made enormous amounts of my money from taking advantage of my impoverishment and lack of mobility in society via beauty or celebrity or geography to pay the lowest of wages and offer no benefits while continually asking for more productivity. And when more productivity arrived–they purchased new mansions, boats, cars, and vacations.

Is there anyone expressing more feelings of entitlement than the top wealth holders in this country? The idea that many of us have labored for years, myself a single mother with two children–one autistic, to survive on minimum wage, avoiding welfare by working more than one job without benefits–all the while barely staying afloat should somehow be less worthy of a quality of life in our old age is despicable. Especially in a country where housing and other necessities are driven by market demand fueled by those with more opportunity, more access to capital, and perhaps the gift of wealth by family–and just pure luck. How many wealth holders do you know that have to pay a banker $35 every time they need a loan of $60 for two days to get that last tank of gas in the car to get to work this week. (And, no, I don’t buy cigarettes, potato chips, or gamble, etc. And public transportation is about as popular here as public healthcare).

Those who have dug the sewers, picked up the garbage, and cleaned the bathrooms while still managing to shuttle the kids to soccer games and have done service at PTA and other service based community organizations should somehow stomach the brunt of the force of the GOP’s need to drown government in a bathtub and convince American’s that are we are broke is nothing less than a con game. A con game designed to keep the magnifying glass from hovering over the bankers, financiers, and corrupt politicians whose poor policy choices and strategies of enriching themselves, their kin, and any politician willing to be bought so closely that they may have to be accountable.

Minimally, get your heads out of the trough, and consider it less of an entitlement and more of a thank you. You might get more cooperation on the idea of change. On the other hand the elite could just start cleaning their own bathrooms instead of leaving it to the less fortunate.

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