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11 months after the fateful rig explosion of April 20, 2010, the planet, once again, feels suffocatingly small and fragile.  Yet again, news seems limited, untrustworthy, as we let slip to the periphery of fear what no headline is saying.  The biggest lesson learned from the BP oil disaster, if we didn’t know it already, is that the scope of the disaster will leak out in inverse proportion to the magnitude of the problem, after the fact (as do wars, financial crises, covered up abuses of the church, ad nauseum).  The ones on the ground don’t need to be told, and those of us far away intuit horrors that puny words can’t mitigate.

As ever, much is encompassed in a sigh. Worry, thought and prayer radiate invisibly, much like radiation itself. Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Message to my friends in Japan” may be of comfort…

But, anything from compassion to biting sarcasm to resignation to perseverance seems to miss the mark. There is something so extremely intrinsic about existence that just can’t be captured by identity, politics, religion, language. It is this angst against which I ever railed, having to complete writing assignments for school. And still against such “freedom” that I now struggle to summon the appropriate response to events that stupefy, but affect every molecule on the planet, living or dead, inert or energized.

Some cherry blossoms and crocuses have made their first appearance on blocks here. Life very much goes on in our particular crevices of the world, and maybe the power of computers is misguided to magnify problems far beyond our control, but which certainly add to our worry.

Though I especially appreciate the new media like Twitter, which explode mythologies of Murdoch newscorp and other monopolies–if you only believed Murdoch’s empires, and had no other source, you’d never know that Yoko Ono has three times more followers than Glen Beck on Twitter. And, she reciprocates to virtually all of her followers, unlike so many seemingly egotistical “stars.” So many confirmations that hope and reciprocation trump blind egotism and bigotry can be made by asking your own questions and reading the tea leaves of new media….

… and is why I cherish my favorite bloggers, who manage to grasp a sphere of concern of appropriate proportion and treat it judiciously with probing examination, illuminating the way for us grateful ones…usually far more formidably than even the dear paid writers of “dinosaur” media I have long enjoyed…

Ending with an excerpt of Pete Seeger’s ever-timely song, “Talking Atom,” which is also worth listening to in full on YouTube…

You know life used to be such a simple joy
The cyclotron was a super toy
Folks got born, they’d work and marry
And atom was a word in the dictionary
Then it happened
These science guys from every clime
They all pitched in with overtime
Before you knew it
The job was done
They’d hitched up the power of the doggone sun
Put a harness on old Sol
Splitting atoms right and left
While the diplomats were splitting hairs
‘Course the cartel crowd up and put on a show
They’re gonna turn back the clock on the UNO
Grab a corner on atoms
And maybe extinguish
Every damn atom that can’t speak English
“Down with foreign-born atoms,
America for American atoms”
Step right up folks, let’s atomize world peace

Ahh, but the atom’s international,
In spite of hysteria,
Florida and Utah, also Siberia
The atom don’t care about politics
Or who got what into whichever fix
All he wants to do is sit around
and have his nucleus bombarded by neutrons

Yes it’s up to the people
‘Cuz the atom don’t care
You can’t fence him in,
He’s just like air
And whether you’re white, black, red or brown
The question is this, when you boil it down:
“To be or not to be,”
That IS the question

Yes, and the answer to it all
ain’t military datum
Like who gets their firstest for the mostest atoms
But the people of the world must decide their fate
We gotta stick together or disintegrate…
We hold these truths to be self-evident:
All men could be cremated equal.

  1. DreamsAmelia,
    Thank you for your comments–as usual, thoughts that provoke thoughts.

    Compassion and help of all kinds are necessary and also insufficient. We must learn to act as though life is impermanent, and that which supports it is finite.

    From one immersed since childhood in Pete Seeger’s music,
    Jeff Kane MD

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