Good Will’s Miss Deborah

In Freedom!, Random Life on March 6, 2011 at 11:30 am

Whenever I do believe I might go crazy, falling right into the crazy-making trap our politicians love to stir up, I go to our Good Will store just up the road.

Chances are, Miss Deborah is going to be there, greeting you with a smile full of teeth that dazzle away the most toothless leaders of our world, and a voice that sails across the room as if it was meant for your ears only, exactly as some of us felt sitting in the third row in first grade, hanging onto every word of our teacher.

Her voice is crisp and gravelly all at once, and to watch her in action for just a few minutes, you would come to believe she wasn’t at work in what is supposed to be one of the world’s drabbest places, but at a family reunion, where every fresh entrant through the door is bringing platefuls of homemade deviled eggs, and other goodies.

She remembers everyone.  So if she’s seen you once, the next time you walk through the door, she’ll  say,  “Oh, hello!  It’s so good to see you again….how can I help you today….”

People above age 70 reading this post might be looking at me like an alien from another planet.  Yes, this is how the world used to be quite a bit more, in the “old days.”

In the old days, there was no such thing as “customer service.”  There were no canned scrips that the managers were monitoring their employees for repeating…As soon as that happened, customer service died, because people rightfully balk at being controlled.  So the employees have a dual fight in themselves to see how much they can get away with rebelling at the boss, while also genuinely wanting to serve people, but, according to their own way, not the script.

But Miss Deborah brings it all home.  Not just me, but many of her customers marvel at her spirit.  “Where do you get your good attitude?” they ask.   “It is just God shining His light,” she simply answers.   If anyone has had trouble with faith, be it God, Allah, Buddha, or Mother Earth, Miss Deborah smooths the troubled waters.

My daughter sometimes marvels at things I do, and says to me,  “Mom, they should put you on the news! ” …how little does she know, the people who least represent the best of our spirit and the best of our possibilities make it to the news.

So in homage to her, I am putting Miss Deborah in the news today, right here in this blog post.   This is the citizen’s news, and Miss Deborah deserves the top center blazing headline.   We should stop paying attention to so many kooks, and start noticing the Miss Deborahs of the world, who give out so much love to all of us, unnoticed.

  1. What a lovely story – the best news (and most well-written) I have yet read this morning, having just slogged through the NY Times (Libya, US “humanitarian intervention,” David Koch’s “humanitarian giving” and the local crime, crime, crime in my local rag. Thank you, DreamsAmelia! It’s good to know that genuine humanitarianism does still exist, and it exists in our friends and neighbors.

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