re: Friedman, “This is Just the Start”

In We are a foreclosure away from revolution on March 2, 2011 at 4:31 am

“Americans have never fully appreciated what a radical thing we did — in the eyes of the rest of the world — in electing an African-American with the middle name Hussein as president.”

That is because we were equally blind as to how the canker-sore of racism at home would rear. The newly-radicalized conservatives, who used the name “Hussein” as their coded rallying cry, warred against the 60s-radicals-of-yore, who saw in candidate Obama the chance to at last perfect unfulfilled dreams of true equality, in bouquets that would scent the streets as completely as boardrooms, across America.

We were too busy in-fighting to notice spiritual forces larger than us taking flight, and now soaring in a beauty that leaves us looking up enviously from the ground.

“Chinese had to give up freedom but got economic growth and decent government in return. Arabs had to give up freedom and got the Arab-Israeli conflict and unemployment in return.”

And Americans are free to complain as loudly, and as often, as they want: on street corners, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and these beloved pages of Reader Comments on the New York Times…but the one thing we are absolutely NOT free to do is to define the looting of millions of taxpayer dollars as crimes in a court of law with prosecutory authority.  We shall neither investigate, nor define as criminal, the transactions that daily ransack each and every one of us in our mortgages and pensions.

But our thirst for justice in such quest is by no means simply about money.  It is about fairness that leads to a freedom that begets more freedom, more fairness, more creativity…and whose spiritual dimensions would be so profound as to release us from the consumerism that is as destructive to the environment as to our souls.  An energy solution that Mr. Friedman so craves would emerge in such a world.

  1. You have written another beautiful, humanistic piece, DreamsAmeila! And proud you should be to have such a just and loving soul. I am not so nonjudgemental–sad to say. I have never liked or trusted Thomas Friedman, or as I call him, Tommy Freedom, because I see him a a narcissistic opportunist. He supported the Iraq War and occupation and, in fact, made a point of informing us how the war should be fought. He called this “Tom’s War.” No kidding.

    Mr. Friedman lately has changed his tune–for whatever reason, and I like that you give him the benefit of the doubt and echo the reasonable, sane points he makes! I must admit that I am still suspicious and waiting to see if he turns Neo-Con again when this Middle Eastern democratic uprising hits some bumps. I hope not. I appreciate your faith, and hope we can still cheer a year from now!

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks, Kate…
    Yet, The New York Times did not consider this piece evidence of my “just and loving soul.”

    See–it did not make the cut (not accepted on the Times site).

    In my opinion, that is because my comment is too close to truth, and in theirs, too far away from it…at least, they want to keep it that way.

    And this is our “freedom.” I may not know why the caged bird sings, but I know why people blogged in Egypt.

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