re: Kristof, “Exhilirated by the Hope in Cairo,” January 31, 2011

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2011 at 5:51 pm

Who here in the U.S. has awoken from his or her corporatized stupor to even contemplate meaningful freedom, in so long?

We can’t participate in revolutions, we have to get to work tomorrow!

What would our boss say, at the tear gas shell factory? He doesn’t want our opinion any more than he wants our dreams of democracy or freedom. If you’re late, you’re fired, and there’s a hundred more waiting in line to take your job…because NOTHING much is made here anymore…except the weapons launched against people half way around the world who had the gall to dream larger than us!

It seems nothing short of miraculous that so many people in Egypt have enough affinity to actually join together and shout in unison in the streets–you can’t get two people on the train in the U.S. to take the earbuds out from their ipods, or a person to stop texting long enough while driving to not almost kill a pedestrian crossing a parking lot…

No, the largest crowds you ever see in the U.S. anymore are at job fairs, where no one dare raise his voice, and everyone is so busy being individually on their “best behavior,” that it betrays a society’s worst instincts…

We have lost the power of democracy to rouse a sense of injustice from the inequities that daily drown us….


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